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SMA aggressively pursues and protects the interest of movers through our policy committees, political action committee and staff, including registered lobbyists and regulatory experts.

SMA addresses the concerns of the membership by:

  • Monitoring and pursuing the interests of the membership before the Texas Legislature, U.S. Congress and regulatory agencies.
  • Making appropriate policy recommendations to the SMA Board of Directors.
  • Increasing awareness of SMA members of the need for greater involvement in household goods movers’ political issues in Texas and Washington, D.C.
  • Working cooperatively with SMA’s Political Action Committee.
  • Employing full-time dynamic and aggressive lobbyists who monitor all Texas legislation affecting our industry. The lobbyists draft and oversee the successful enactment of bills at SMA’s membership direction.
  • Keeping watch over local government to ensure that everything possible is done to protect the interest of our membership.
  • Working cooperatively with national and other state associations on political issues as needed.
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